Thursday, March 17, 2011

Front Yard Facelift

So the bed directly in front of our front porch had some roses in it that I desperately tried to maintain (they were here when we moved in). I pruned, I weeded, I gave 'em love but I guess I just didn't have the green touch 'cause they eventually just ended up looking spindly and kind of blah. I recently entered such a malaise with that part of the yard that I just kind of gave up on it--sorry, roses.

Then I got so tired of looking at it that I finally took action (grrrr). I figured it was time to start over. Hey, new owners, new greenery. So I gutted the bed over the last couple days.

I'm going to plant some nice, easy-to-maintain hedges this weekend. I'll post some more pictures when it's all done.

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