Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Font Yard Declutter

Over the summer I decided to take some action with the rose bed in front of our house. I got all the dead and gangely rose bushes out of there and brought in some loropetalum, japanese boxwood, and knock-out roses. Then all was well in the bed.

But as the summer wore on and the plants grew, the bed started to look like this.

I didn't really factor in how fast the loropetalum would grow—it began to completely cover the japanese boxwood and the roses. At first I thought I might just keep trimming back the loropetalum but, honestly, I try to stay low maintenance on the yard work and constant trimming just didn't sound like fun. So I decided to move the loropetalum to other parts of the yard and move the row of japanese boxwood up a bit.

So things are definitely looking less cluttery in the bed. Although the loropetalum that I transplanted elsewhere aren't doing as well as they were in their original home—like the ones I put in the planter in front of the carport.

 Maybe more love—and water—will bring them back up to snuff...

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