Sunday, April 29, 2012

The (Very) Slow Evolution of a Rock Garden

You may remember from this post way back in October and this post back in January that we've been working on a rock garden against the back wall of the house. Well, "work" is kind of an overstatement. We've been dragging our feet on it (um, I'm not really sure why) but with growing season upon us, we thought we'd better get things going a little before the bed gets taken over by weeds again.

Robert put down some weed barrier back in January but somehow little green buggers always find a way to pop up around the corners and seams. We thought a double layer of barrier and rocks would gives us a little more defense. So today we finally bought some rocks to fill in the bed. We got as many bags as my little Corolla could handle and were able to fill in about half the space:

We'll definitely need another trip to Lowe's to get more rock, but the exposed weed barrier should keep things at bay for another week or two.

Eventually I'd like the space to look a little something like this:

Once we get that first layer of small rocks down, I can start the hunt for some bouldery-type rocks and some good plants...

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