Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where'd That Couch Go?

On Friday afternoon our living room looked like this:

On Sunday afternoon it looked like this:

So you may be asking, "Where'd that couch go?" Well, we've had our eye on Macy's Milo Sectional for quite a while now (I wrote about it here). I check the Macy's site every so often to see if it's on sale and got pretty excited when I saw this:

Roberto and I talked about it and decided that we'd put our couch set on Craigslist: if it sold before the sale was over, we'd buy the sectional. Well, it only took about a week before it was out our door and we had a little more money to put toward the Milo. So now we're just waiting for it to be delivered, which we found out won't happen till' mid July or so ('cause they didn't have our color in stock):
In the meantime we've moved our two Danish lounge chairs from the other side of the room to where the couch used to be (so we have something to sit on while we watch TV). I'll be sure to share pics when the Milo arrives...

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