Monday, April 25, 2011

Front Yard Facelift: Finally Complete!

I've slowly been working away at the front yard project this past month and I finally finished it up today. Whew. Here's what it looked like before I did the overhaul:

And here are a few afters:

I added a few more plants to the front bed to fill it out a little—some knockout roses and jasmine (I put in the japanese boxwood and loropetalum a while ago). I'm hoping the jasmine will grow up and around the white columns nicely. I also painted some terra cotta pots I got from Craigslist and Old Time Pottery using this tutorial from Young House Love. I wanted a color that would stand out against the red brick, so I went for a mustard yellow.

It wasn't all fun and games, though. I totally bit it when I was trying to fit one of the window boxes into its slot. I dropped the entire box and had to replant the whole thing. Boo.

Luckily I finished up right before one of those flash afternoon Florida storms came rolling in.

Maybe the front yard will give us the motivation to finish up some backyard projects soon...

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