Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Office (Mini?) Makeover

While we're waiting for some estimates for our kitchen remodel, Robbie and I started tackling our office makeover. I'm not really sure how it started—I had mentioned how I thought the room would look more open if we moved the desk against one of the walls (instead of out in the middle of the room). So bookcases were rearranged, said desk was moved. Then Robbie went into organizing mode and started alphabetizing our books. Then I sort of mentioned how I wanted to repaint the room. Robbie wasn't jazzed about that. He picked out all the original paint colors in the house and wasn't ready to let go of his Grazing Fawn (I think that was the name of the paint color). But in the end, we reached one of those give-and-take couple deals:

Me: "So, I kind of want to repaint this room. I think it just looks way to dark."

Robbie: "But I like this color. It's Grazing Fawn."

Me: "But wouldn't this room look so much better painted blue?"

Robbie: ........

Robbie: "Ok, we can paint the room if we get a new desk."

Me: "Deal!"

I had gone out and bought the desk at a vintage shop on the day we moved into the new house. Robbie had never loved it and I have to admit, my love for it hasn't held up over the years. What can I say, it was an impulse buy (which is pretty rare for me).

So of course I had to start looking around for the perfect white desk. I actually found a pretty affordable white parsons-style desk on I've also been doing the Craigslist cruise to see what's out there locally. Here's the Overstock desk in a little mood board I created for the future blue and white office:

We already have the rug (Ikea) and two of the bookcases (Ikea), which I'd already planned on painting white (they're dark brown now). I'd also like to incorporate some floating shelves so we can easily store all the stuff that usually ends up in piles on the desk.

So our old desk may be coming to a Craigslist near you soon...

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