Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pots and Plants

Adding plants to rooms can make a big (yet weirdly subtle) difference. They add color, can purify the air, and make a space feel less stark. This weekend I invested in some greenery to put into great pots that I bought from Etsy and Ikea.

I had my eye on this turquoise pot on Etsy for a while (you can actually see it on my Pinterest). The price was originally a bit steep but the seller eventually put it on sale and I scooped it up.

I just put some potting soil in it and planted some little succulents I found at Home Depot. I've become a big fan of succulents over the past few years—they're really interesting to look at and don't require much attention or water.

Then I gave the same treatment to an Ikea KARDEMUMMA plant pot I had in the guest room.

So now I'm just gonna let 'em go and watch 'em grow.

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