Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreaming of Sectionals

Ever since we moved into casa Schubach, I've dreamed of having a sectional to better fill our living room space (and to fill to task of allowing me and Roberto to both lie down while we watch TV at night). A little sofa history: our old sofa was perfect for our first apartment, but it looked dinky when we moved it into our new living room. I don't have an up-close-and-personal picture of it, but you can get an idea of what the living room looked like when we first moved in:

The sofa is over there in the bottom left corner—it was a three seater, sea foam blue kind of deal.

Then about five months ago (as we were winding down on the kitchen overhaul), my mom donated this lovely sofa (and armchair) to us:

She moved into a new place not too long ago and didn't have room for the set anymore. We happily accepted and craiglisted our old sofa/armchair. It's a great sofa--a good color and a little longer than our old one--but I'm still dreaming of someday having a sectional. When I first started looking around, I was drawn to a lot of Crate and Barrel styles, like the now defunct sidecar sectional:

But with sectional prices starting at 2K (and going way up from there), the Crate was just a bit too much for us. Then over the summer we were over at our friends' house admiring a new Macy's sofa they had recently purchased. Hmmm...I hadn't thought to look at Macy's for sectionals. So I started browsing around the Macy's site and found something that might just be perfect for us.

It's Macy's Milo sectional and its dimensions fit our living room just right. We actually went into our local Macy's over the holidays and did a little butt test--it passed Robert's comfort quota, which is sometimes tough to meet. In-stock colors for the Milo start at $1,999 but Macy's does a sale two or three times a year on its furniture. You can get the Milo for $1,499 when sales come around. Certainly not cheap, but not crazy for a quality piece of furniture we'll have for a long long time. We don't spend money we don't have, anyway, so the Milo will only come along when we've saved enough for it.

I just hope Macy's doesn't discontinue it by the time we're ready to buy (ahem if anyone out there from Macy's is reading this). We have some other things we need to save up for this year, like a new computer (the old Mac that Robert and I share is slowly disintegrating), so who knows when we'll be sectional buying ready.

A lady can dream, though...


  1. James and I were just talking about getting a sectional yesterday!It's so hard to both lay on one couch.

  2. Exactly! Maybe one day we'll be sectional buddies.