Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Friends and Family Wall: Finally Up and Running

After some photo collecting, frame painting, and wall arranging, my friends and family wall is finally up. I got most of it done over Christmas and made some tweaks to it over the past couple weeks.

If you remember from my past post, I was kind of going for a look like this:

I didn't quite get the look I was going for--I think the yellow I chose for a couple of the frames might be a little too in-your-face. Oh well. As I look at them more and mull it over, I may end up doing some more spray painting.

A fun addition to the wall was this Christmas gift that my mom gave us:

I also hung up our parents' wedding photos a little further down the hallway:

I bought the frames from Ikea and Michael's and then spray painted away to get the colors I wanted. To get the arrangement I wanted for the main wall, I set the frames down on the non-printed side of a large piece of wrapping paper and outlined around each one with a pen. That way I had a "mock up" of how they would appear once they were hung. Then I held the wrapping paper up against the wall and moved it up and down till it was where I wanted. I centered and hammered the nails through the wall paper/into the wall and then pulled away the wall paper. Then the nails were right where I wanted and I could just hang the pictures. 

Love walking down the hall and seeing so many lovely faces on my wall!

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