Friday, March 2, 2012

Cool Stools, Man

Ever since we acquired a bar during out kitchen redo, we've been looking for the perfect bar stool to slide up in front of that sucker. There were some serious questions to think about as we assessed the bar stool scene: back or no back? swivel or no swivel? vintage or new? You may remember that we had kind of settled on these stools from Target a while back:

We dragged our feet a bit, watched them go on sale (yay!) and then back to regular price (boo!). I decided that the next time they went on sale, I would just buy them and that would be that. But then, as I was perusing Craigslist ads one day, I found two great mid-century slat back bar stools that someone was selling for $70 (for both!). They looked a little too short from the pictures, so I called the seller up and asked him to measure them. Wouldn't you know, they were the perfect height for our bar—29 1/2 inches from the seat to the floor. Sold! We drove down to his warehouse last weekend and picked them up:

They're super comfy and light weight. We've been sitting at them every night this week to eat dinner.
Unfortunately, the original vinyl seats are pretty worn on the edges, and one seat has a substantial tear (which was disclosed in the ad):

It's too bad 'cause the vinyl is a cool green color with a nifty stripe pattern:

Our plan is to recover them—I'm not sure with what but we're thinking about options: vinyl? fabric? I'm kind of excited to find a fabric that will add something new to these vintage babies.


  1. I have got some coupons for JoAnn's if you are feeling crafty I can share some. :)

    1. Sure, I'm always down for some JoAnn coupons!