Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mirror Mashup

So my mirror project was going along pretty swimmingly, albeit some delays due to the Florida rain (no spray painting on those days) and going out of town for a few days in February. I was going to do a whole post about it when they were sitting pretty up on my wall, but I thought I'd share a recent hiccup with you:

I know, I'm sad too.

See, one part of the wall I was going to hang the mirrors on was patched when we moved into the house. There used to be an air conditioning unit there that was probably removed when the previous owners installed central air. Because the patch is a weak spot in the wall, I didn't want to nail into it and possibly crack the patch.

Enter what I thought was a brilliant idea—3M adhesive wall hooks. The hooks stick to the wall with adhesive tape (no nails, no holes, no cracks).

Each hook is supposed to hold five pounds (the IKEA UNG DRILL mirror is six pounds). So I used two hooks and some picture wire to secure the mirror to the wall. It was looking good and seemed secure enough. Fast forward about twenty-four hours and SMASH—the hooks came off the wall and the whole thing came tumbling down. I wasn't home when it happened. Robert called me to tell me the bad news.

But I'm not giving up yet. I may just have to nail into the patch and hope for the best (and maybe do a little repatching if it cracks). Wall be damned, I'll get those mirrors up somehow.

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