Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Overdue Bar Stool Post

The last time you saw our Craigslist-scored bar stools, they needed a little love.

We actually liked the green vinyl on the seats, but they had seen better days. So we disassembled the stools...

and cut the vinyl off the seats (plucking off a million rusty staples along the way)...

until they were ready for some new clothes.

We covered them in a vinyl we found at a local fabric store. And since my mom is handier than us with all things upholstery, I asked her to help us cover them.

It's a little hard to see from far away, but the fabric has this greenish cross-hatch pattern that drew us to it.

Finding the stools on Craigslist (for $70) and scoring the fabric from the bargain bin at a local fabric store definitely saved us some dough. We would have spent about $160 (not including shipping) if we had gone with the Target stools we were originally going to buy.

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