Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Couch in the House

I promised I'd share pics of our sectional once it arrived. Well, it's been about two weeks since the Milo has been here so I thought it was time to show it off. When it first arrived, I was a little uncertain about the way it looked in our living room. The color wasn't quite what I expected (a lot darker, it seemed to me, than the samples we had seen) and it was just so...big. I mean, bigger than anything we'd had in that space.

I had to kind of hang out with the Milo and get used to it before I got excited about finally having a sectional (something I've wanted ever since we moved into the house). It was kind of ironic that Robert, who was down with sectionals but not quite as excited about having one as me, loved it right away.

But I can say now that I'm very happy with the Milo. It's super comfortable and can easily seat five people. I also think buying a couple of cream colored pillows from Target added some color contrast to the sofa and relieved my feeling that it looked like a big block of charcoal fabric.

We did a little furniture rearrangement in the living room as well to accommodate our new set up.
The white Ikea bookcase that used to serve as our living room/lounge area room divider now serves as a media bookcase on the opposite wall.

And the Ikea sofa table that used to hold the TV got moved behind the sofa (which is very appropriate!)

I'd still like to add a couple more throw pillows to the sofa to bring in more color and texture. I have my heart set on some Chiang Mai Dragon pillows.

We'll also eventually ditch the long dark coffee table for a lighter colored ottoman (hopefully with storage) and bring in a large area rug.

Maybe we'll accomplish these other things by the time the year is out, but for now we're just enjoying being able to both lie down while we watch TV.


  1. Hello,
    We are considering the exact same sectional for our family room which isn't really very large. Since it has been a few months, I was wondering if you had anything else to add about this couch? There are no samples in any of the Macy's around us so we will have to do this blindly!! I love the way it looks tho. Also it isn't as cheap as you got it for now and the sale is only till tomorrow! Thanks!:)

  2. Hi!

    We've been happy with the sectional overall and it's held up well (although we don't have any little ones). It's very comfy and spacious. The only negative I would say is that ours squeaks in one particular spot when you lift yourself off the seat--don't know if that's just ours or if it's a defect.

    Hope this helps in your decision!


    1. I just bought this same sectional in graphite a couple of weeks ago. Your blog helped me tremendously when making the decision. Because I have a skylight in my living room, the sofa looks like a true charcoal gray under the direct sunlight and not blue-gray like it does in your photos. (I think both are equally lovely, by the way.)

      About the squeaking, I noticed the same thing was happening to mine on the chaise side. I narrowed the noise down to one of the inner legs. Since my floors are uneven, I adjusted the leveler at the bottom of the leg and the squeaking went away. Give it a try. It might work for you too.

    2. Awesome! So glad the blog helped with your decision.

      Thanks for the tip about the squeaking. I will have to investigate and see if we have the same problem!

  3. Hi. Is your Milo the graphite color? I am about to order one and am trying to decide if I should go with graphite or cream. Can you offer any guidance? Thanks!

  4. Hi! Yes, we got the Milo in the graphite color. It reads a bit darker in our house than it did in the showroom at Macy's (I think in lower light it reads darker and in brighter/whiter light it reads lighter). We went with the graphite because we thought the darker color would show less staining and wear (so far, so good) than a lighter color. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for your response. The sofa looks almost Black-blue in the pictures. Is this accurate, or is it more of a true grey? We don't have a Macy's near us, so I'm going totally off what I see online. Thanks for your help!

  6. I'd also love to see any other pictures you have!

  7. Yes, it is definitely more of a bluish hue than a true grey. I was a bit surprised when it arrived at our house because the color looked so different from the website (on the website it definitely looks more like a true grey). It is also darker in color than what I was expecting. The photos here do really represent what the couch looks like in our house. Like I said, I think in natural/low light (which we have a lot of) the couch may read darker/bluer in tone. In artificial/brighter light the couch may read more of a true grey.