Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting It On

Work has finally started on our kitchen. Well, at least on the wall we're taking out. Yes, the wall is finally gone. Oh, Mr. Wall, we knew you well--you were the backdrop for our TV and some of our lovely built-in bookcases. You turned out to be a real pain in the butt (being load bearing and all) but we gotcha out. Well, our contractor finally got you out. But enough opining.

Yesterday morning, the kitchen area still looked like this:

Then when we came home, it looked like this:

(All those vertical beams are the temporary supports holding up the ceiling until the headers are put in.)

So the wall went bye-bye and those white built-ins on the corner were removed (and moved out into the carport).

I was super excited to pull up and see the built-ins in the carport. I had really hoped we could save them and move them to another wall, but wasn't sure if we could get them off the wall without damaging them. But our contractor was able to get the unit out in one piece. Very cool.

So we're making progress. It feels pretty good. Soon it will be hard to remember how that area once looked:

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