Thursday, June 16, 2011

Belly Up

We have a bar! Well, we have the beginnings of a bar. Our contractor finished framing out what will eventually be the bar between the kitchen and living room/dining room area.

It also seems to be a great viewing area for Henry the cat. Here's one more with the cat and his happy homeowner, Roberto.

There are more kitchen happenings slated for this week and next: the electrician is finishing up more work and the plumber is going to get started on his. Then we need to get inspected. If all that goes well, we can start drywalling. 

A lot of people ask me when we'll be finished, but I'm not really sure at this point. I'm hoping maybe mid-July or the end of July (it may all depend on when we can get an appointment for the cabinet installation). And that doesn't include finishing touches like the backsplash/painting/pendant lights, etc. Right now we're just taking things as they come and dreaming of future cocktails at our bar...

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