Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fire Pit Happenings

Right before the rehearsal dinner for our wedding (which we had in our backyard), we made a fire pit by stacking stone pavers on top of each other. It was a functional little pit and definitely served us well, but it wasn't the prettiest pit in the neighborhood.

So over the past few weeks, we've been working on making it a little more appealing to the eye and adding more outdoor seating to the area. It finally looked like this when we were done:

We used pressure-treated cedar planks to frame out where we wanted the seating area and then removed dirt from around the pit until it was about three inches deep (so when you step off from the grass, you're stepping down, not up). Then we filled out the area around the pit with pea pebbles for color and texture. A few plastic adirondack chairs from Home Depot added some much needed outdoor seating.

And to keep the cedar plank frame in tact, we fastened the corners together with small brackets (it's the same method Robert used for the frame of his veggie garden).

We're lovin' this new little area already...

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