Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paint Debate

There has been much debate during the last couple weeks over what new and exciting color we'll paint the living room/dining room area. If you remember, I had been thinking that our current color was reading a little too pink and maybe we should move into some "gray" territory (um, that is, I thought we should find a nice soft gray to paint the walls.)

Robert was open to the idea but he wasn't really digging the tester colors once they were up on the wall. See, Robert is more of a warm color kind of guy and the cool, gray shades I was loving just weren't agreeing with him.

So after some, eh, spirited conversations, we decided that we would go back to Ace (they got the Benjamin Moore) and pick out some colors we both could agree on. Still wanting to stay somewhere the "grayish" area, we looked for grays that had a bit of a warmer tone to them. Actually, we both liked the first color that Robert picked out. It's Benjamin Moore's edgecomb gray (it's actually the second color from the top in the pic above).

So were pretty sure this will be the magic color. I'm also wanting to paint the backs of our built-ins with a nice aqua or teal that will jive with the edgecomb.

I'm leaning toward the middle two colors--Benjamin Moore's poolside blue or cool aqua. Either way, I think we're going to be having a painting party next weekend.

*Picture above from Decor Pad.

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