Thursday, July 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

We picked out our cabinets and appliances for the kitchen a while ago, but we recently made some decisions about the "accoutrement" of the room.

Robert decided that this faucet was the faucet for us (it's Kohler's Simplice Pull-Down faucet) and I agreed. We picked it up from the Depot the other day:

It took us a little while longer to find the pendants we wanted (we're going to put two above the bar). After being disappointed with the selection at local lighting stores, I turned my search to the internet. Here were some of the styles I was digging:

I was particularly loving the one on the far right, but it was a little too rich for my taste at $119 a pop. So I found a similar style at a more reasonable $77 on Amazon:


I'm a little nervous that I ordered them without seeing them all lit up in person, but I guess that's what returns are for.

Unfortunately, these fun finishing touches won't be in place for a while. I called the company that handles Ikea kitchen installations today (since we're pretty much ready for cabinets at this point) and the next opening they had was...August 3rd. So that's, eh, almost a month from now. So that's another month where not much will be going on in the kitchen. We'll probably use these upcoming weeks to paint, clean, and generally get more organized since all the dirty/dusty stuff is over and done with. It will be fantastic to take the plastic off our living room furniture!

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