Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surfaces and Such

We knew we wanted a nice grey counter top for the kitchen, but we weren't certain which material we'd go with. We were really loving the idea of doing Corian—they have a couple of fabulous greys that are right up our alley.

We put Corian in our hall bathroom and have been pretty pleased with it. Plus, the grey Corian has the matte, concrete look we're going for.

Trouble is, the Corian we liked ended up being pretty pricey for the square footage we need. So we started looking around and considering different things. We thought about going with a simple, solid laminate (for sure the most affordable choice) and then replacing it in a few years with something fancier.

Then while scouring the counter samples at Lowe's, we came across a grey quartz that we were kind of digging.

Comparing it against the Corian (that we really like) and the laminate (that we would kind of just be settling for) it came out somewhere around the middle price-wise—about $500 more than the laminate but $1000 less than the Corian.

So right now it's coming out as the winner of the counter top wars. Although the laminate would be a bit cheaper, we kind of just want to put this sucker in and be done with it—and not have to spend more money down the road. We also dug up a 10% off coupon for Lowe's that will certainly be going toward our little grey counters...

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