Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Get This Thing Going

Ok, so we finally got estimates from the contractors we've been talking to (based on the plans that the structural engineer drew up). They actually came in at about what we were expecting, so we're moving forward with this thing. We're meeting tomorrow night with the contractor we decided to work with to sign paperwork for the permits. Alright. And hopefully next week we'll actually see some work going on in the kitchen.

We officially lost an entire month of work--all of May--waiting to hear back about engineering plans/estimates (except for some rough electrical work the electrician was able to get in). I'd like to say that we would have done something differently from the get-go to avoid the lost time, but I'm not really sure what that would have been. I guess we could have gotten more opinions about The Wall before we started demoing, but, hey, sometimes you can't tell about these things until you open up walls anyway. We probably would have waited just as long on engineering plans/estimates, etc. True, we may have been able to plan for some things a little better (like being without a kitchen this long) but what can you do...

The only thing I can say is to anticipate delays and more delays if you're coordinating a project like this yourself (and, hey, even if you're hiring someone professional to coordinate it). Try to keep positive, though, because it will most likely work out in the end--even if your wallet doesn't agree.

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