Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sans Kitchen: Week 3

I was doing pretty well for the first two weeks of life without our kitchen. I was eager to come up with new, easy clean-up meals for us and enjoyed eating dinners at night out on our porch. I didn't even mind doing dishes in the bathroom:

Crockpot in the bathtub. Yum.

 But I've been in a grouchier mood about it this week. Kind of like this:

I think it's partly because we're coming up on losing an entire month trying to figure out our wall situation and because all of our cabinets and appliances got delivered this week (which equals boxes all over the house, nowhere to put them, and Jen going crazy over all-this-stuff-in-the-middle-of-the-living-room-that-I-can't-put-anywhere!) If we had an enclosed garage, we might have been able to stick them out there, but we have an open carport.

We've also been storing things we had to move out of the living room/dining room area (glassware, our dining room chairs, picture frames, etc.) in the back rooms, so it's kind of been hard to organize or do any projects in those rooms (like our office redo which, I'm still going to try to get done by the end of the summer--maybe). 

Well, the structural engineer did indeed finish up our plans this week and I've sent them to the contractors we've been talking to. Hopefully we'll get some estimates this week and see if we can get this show on the road...

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