Friday, May 6, 2011

Admiring Adler

So while our kitchen project is slowly moving along (seems very slowly at the moment) I've also been thinking about the redesign of our living room/dining room--as you saw here. Once the dust has settled from the kitchen (literally), I'm eager to repaint that area, sell some of the furnishings that won't work in the space anymore (some of which I've had since I moved into my first apartment in Brooklyn--holla Patty!), and bring in a new color scheme. Tryin' to get away from the dark wood/beige thing that's going on in there at the moment and infuse more color and graphic patterns. So I'm love, love, loving this design from Jonathan Adler:

Most of the furniture we're keeping has clean lines, so I want to add some punch with fabrics (like in this Adler photo) and ornate accessories. Right now I have colorful syroco mirrors on the brain:



My plan is to buy them cheap off ebay or from thrift stores and then spray paint them the color I want. 

*Mirror photos are from here, here, and here.

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