Monday, May 16, 2011

Dining Room Mood Board

Aahh, decorating and embellishing is my favorite part of the redo process. I haven't been able to do much hands-on decorating lately but I've found that mood boards are a great way to scratch some of the itch and help me plan out what some of our rooms may look like down the road. Here's one I created for our dining room:

I used the Jonathan Adler room I was wooing over as inspiration. 

We already have the sideboard (the angled-leg sideboard from West Elm) and the chairs (the overlapping square chair from West Elm). The chairs are dark brown now but, going along with my goal to make things a little lighter and brighter around here, I'm going to attempt to paint them white.

I'm planning on buying similar-looking mirrors off Craigslist or eBay and spray painting them white. The screen grab of the painting is from local artist Brandon Mclean's website. I bought one his paintings a few years ago (not this one) but it has a similar retro feel.

Some succulents in vibrant potted plants and graphic blue fabrics (incorporated in a rug or some pillows?) would finish it off.

*A really useful tool for making mood boards is mydeco, by the way. It's come in handy for me...

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