Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crowded Out

Our cabinets and appliances got delivered yesterday—very exciting! Not so exciting is the fact that it will probably be a while before we can install anything—we're still waiting for the plans to be drawn up for our wall removal. We went ahead and got them delivered, though, 'cause the distribution center where they were being held was going to start charging us holding costs. We made some room for them but, uh, it's feeling a bit crowded in the dining room:

Luckily the cabinets are flat-packed so they're easy to stack.

We're planning on selling our old appliances on Craigslist ASAP, so at least there won't be two sets of appliances taking up space. Hopefully we'll know more about the structural plans for our wall sometime this week. And we'll see how long I can go without freaking out over all these boxes in the middle of the house. Robert is taking bets...

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