Sunday, May 1, 2011

Demo Days

So here's what our kitchen looked like on Friday:

Here it is somewhere midway through demo on Saturday:

And here's what it looked like toward the end of demo on Saturday:

(That's Robert and my mom hammering away at the drywall. Big thanks to my mom and dad, by the way, for helping us out all day on Saturday).

The biggest hiccup was when we realized, after opening the drywall and exposing the beams, that the wall we want to take down between the kitchen and the living room is more structurally significant that we thought. We're hoping that it will just be a matter of reframing the wall a little differently and placing new headers for more reinforcement. So this all may mean more money and more time if we still want to stick to our original plan. We should no more over the next week as we reassess our plans. Until then, we've set up a little makeshift kitchen in our living room.

Things are a little messy around here at the moment but we're makin' the best of it. Here's to creative cooking and doing dishes in the bathroom for the next couple of months.

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