Friday, August 5, 2011

Stool Steal

So we'll soon have a little bar in our kitchen area that will need some bar stool friends. But which bar stools will make the match? Well, I'd been perusing Craigslist/Overstock/etc. when the newest Crate and Barrel catalog came to our door. I flipped through it, not really looking for stools (our dining room table is from the Crate but I generally find their furniture overpriced), but laid my eyes on this guy and felt a connection:

Then I looked at the Crate and Barrel price tag and kind of got sad: 

$149 for a bar stool is just a little too rich for me. But I figured I could find a knock-off of this design somewhere else. I started searching the net and indeed found some very similar designs (a lot even looked like the exact chairjust from different distributors). The lowest I could find for a similar-ish chair was about $100—definitely better but not fantastic. 

Then, yesterday, I thought I'd take a look at the Target website and, wouldn't you know, I found this!

So similar and $70 cheaper than the C&B chair at that (it also comes in the 30"H seat, which is what we'll need). I'm still keeping an open mind and looking around, but I suspect this will be the guy that we'll push up to our bar.

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